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Celebrate Romance! 1999

May 21-23, 1999

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Friday, May 21

Hotel rooms available for check-in. Free afternoon to meet internet friends and begin exploring the city. Maps will be provided.

Informal get-together for all interested attendees.


Saturday, May 22

Luncheon, Speakers, Author/Reader Discussions, Book Trade

9:00 Registration

 Present confirmation at the registration table, sign in, and obtain name badge

 Pick up goody bag

 Present books brought for trading


9:30 Presentations by Falcon, MOC


9:40 Keynote speaker Jo Beverley, author


10:00 Guest speaker Alice Orr, author and literary agent


10:20 Brunch Buffet


11:00 Guest speaker Miranda Jarrett, author


11:20 Fifteen-minute break


11:35 Joint Reader Presentation:

Susan Bontley - Collectible Romances
Susan addresses the issue of collectible romances and pricing. Exactly what makes a book a collector's item?

Linda Hurst and Sara Reyes - Book Hunting Success and TBR Control
Linda and Sara share their expertise on bookhunting equipment (you did know you needed proper equipment, didn't you?), successful glomming techniques, and a management system for those out-of-control TBR piles


12:15 Joint Reader/Author presentation:

Suzanne Coleburn, Gail Link and Linda Cutler Smith - Start Up A Book Group

'Tips and tricks' on starting a book group in your area. Gail and Linda will also provide us with a look into the workings of a large bookstore.


12:55 Room changes


1:10 Author/Reader Discussion Panels

Presentations will be 40 minutes each, and will run four times so that all conference attendees will have a chance to attend all four.

 New Author Insights


Inside the Industry


What Is A Romance Novel?


Plots - Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down


4:00 Book Trade


The rest of the afternoon and the evening free to explore local historical sites and to visit bookstores.


Sunday, May 23

Breakfast, Speakers, Book Signing and Door Prizes

8:00 Registration

 Present confirmation at the registration table. Don't forget to bring your name tag with you! Fill out a ticket for the door prize drawings and deposit in container at the registration table.


8:00 - 8:30 Book shopping!

 All our authors' latest releases will be available for purchase at the conference.


8:30 Breakfast buffet


9:00 Guest speaker Stephanie Mittman, author and 1999 RITA nominee


9:20 Guest speaker Mariah Stewart, author


9:40 Guest speaker Lori Foster, author


10:00 Fifteen minute break


10:15 Book signing and prize drawings

 Book signing by our attending authors will begin immediately after break.

 Door prizes will be drawn during the signing. All prizes will be held until the close of the event so that you may have ample time to get your books signed.


11:30 Gathering ends for the year. See you both on the net and at Celebrate Romance! 2000!



Just a few things...

 Remember that only one registrant allowed per confirmation number. Bring your confirmation email to all event functions for reference.

 Not all the `goody bags' will be exactly alike. For 1998, we received enough of some items for everyone, less of others. Any free books may not be exactly alike, either.

 The number of promotional items that we request for the "goody bags" is based on the total number of paid registrations. Therefore, the earlier everyone registers, the better. So send in your registration as soon as possible! We look forward to meeting you at Celebrate Romance!

 At the 1998 gathering we received more than enough prizes so that everyone won a door prize. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the same this year; however, this cannot be guaranteed.



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