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Celebrate Romance 2001 Vote!

July 2 - July 20, 2000


We're doing it again, celebrating friendships and books! And first on the agenda is to vote on where our fun will be taking place!

This year we're doing something different, in that we're not going to go through a nomination process. Rather, we're going to concentrate on particular parts of the country, and will vote on cities within those parts.

Specifically, we're aiming for the South (or cities close enough to be "south" in relation to the rest of the states) and the Midwest. Whichever geographical location doesn't win this time will be "it" for 2002.

The cities below fit the above description and were the top vote getters in last year's voting. Before you vote on any of them, please research the cost of transportation from your home town (biggest expense). This is especially important as some of the cities may not have direct flights, so you may have to factor in connecting flights. Also, for vacationing purposes, you might want to look for their websites and take a virtual tour to see if this is a place you'd just love to see.

And after establishing what is feasible for you, come on back, hit the mailbox below, and vote!

Voting period: July 2 - 20, 2000

A very few simple rules to keep in mind:

1. Vote for only one city! If multiple choice is received, only the top one will be counted.

2. Vote only once, please! (No, stuffing the ballot box won't work!)

3. All votes will remain confidential.

4. Have fun!


The cities below got 7 or more votes in last year's polling. Please choose one of them only:








Click on the mailbox below to cast your vote! Or, if you prefer, send an email to (same address as last year; any change will be announced), with the subject line of 'CR2001 Vote'.

Celebrate Romance Coordinator