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When I first decided in Fall of 1998 to learn about building a website, I wasn't sure what exactly to focus upon. I just knew I had to start somewhere and start learning. I've had both the fun and frustrations related to HTML programming, though in relation to other types of computer programs I've attempted over the years, I have to say that HTML is a non-techie's dream!

Now that I've gotten some good experience, things have been humming along. My first elementary project involving a bookroom, kitchen and playroom still exists within the pages of this site, but they will be polished up as time permits. In the meantime, with content and technical help, a larger set of pages has been created for my fellow romance readers!

Click on the Front Door to enter the Foyer!

From there you can wander through the original rooms of the cottage: The Bookroom to see my extra books for sale, the Kitchen for terrific recipes, and the Playroom, which is inhabited by a few Beanie friends. One of the newest additions is the special Great Room, which contains listings for romance novel sequels and prequels! The other new room, which is being constructed as we speak, the Family Room, is where you will find links to favorite romance pages, including pages created by my online romance friends.

Before you leave for the day, come back to this page and follow the link below to a special site that will tell you all about a gathering in May of online romance readers and writers, Celebrate Romance! 1999.

Come on in - I'm happy to have you here!

Updated January 5, 1999

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Celebrate Romance! 1999
Celebrate Romance! 1999 is the second annual gathering of online romance readers and writers. This year we will be meeting in wonderful Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.