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A.. I'd like to nominate Orlando, FL for CR2000. It's easy to fly to, has lots of rooms available, great for conventions and lots of places to visit, too!

B. Since we have had one CR site out west and one out east, I nominate Orlando, FL, for the site in the south. Are there lot of attractions around Orlando that would keep attendees occupied before or after the convention? No need to answer that question! Central Florida, especially around the Orlando area, is full of them-- and not just Disney!

Are there hotels around there? Hundreds! Airports---yes, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Daytona Beach--in other words, a bunch!

The weather in Orlando in the spring is beautiful. And around April 15 or May 15, the hotels go into their cheapest rates. Schools are not out yet so Disney, etc. are not at their peak time, and the 'snowbirds' (FL winter residents) are gone! Thanks for considering Orlando!

C. Is it easy to get into by plane? Yes, a definite yes! We are the vacation spot of the USA. We have loads of hotel rooms, and yes lots and lots of them are reasonably rated.

Also, when the convention does end, many readers might, just might like to visit some of our attractions or just take in the beach. April and May are a couple of the best months of the year. Our rainy season has not started yet and the temperatures have not yet reached scorching highs.

We have loads of room for conventions, since many organizations have their conventions here.

As you can tell, I love my home city and I think many others who have not had a chance to see Orlando would love it too.

D. Orlando, FL -- many fun things in the area - lots of motels and hotels. Close to Disney, Seaworld, and other attractions for extended family vacation. Excellent golfing for spouses attending. Easy flights into with hotels offering shuttle service for those needing it. Early May is ususally before rainy season hits Orlando and weather is delightful then - quite warm, but not the heat of later May, early June.

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