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Come on into the Play Room!

With the floors littered with soft, thick rugs and comfy floor cushions that you can sink into, this is truly the place to take a break from the curves life throws you. The shelves are lined with small happy creatures guaranteed to bring smiles to kids and grown-ups alike.

In the corner, atop the computer monitor, are grinning Coca-Cola mini bean bags, content with their tiny bottles of Coke. Guarding the printer is a multi-color Beanie Baby worm, Inch, who really isn't merely an inch long. Cozily perched on a speaker is a baby otter, Seaweed, who is not only cuddly but has a face you can't resist. And, of course, we can't forget purple Patti, the Playpus, who keeps the computer mouse company.

Stay awhile and let our little friends brighten your day a bit!

Want a special friend for your own?

Fun gifts for all ages!

Sometimes we get lucky duplicates of retired or hard to find (HTF)
Beanie Babies. Prices are below internet/market values! All mint with
mint tags unless otherwise noted.

Please note that shipping is extra. For fast and insured service, we 
recommend US Priority Mail, at 3.75 for up to 4 beanies.

Retired December 1997:
Derby (horse) with no star - 20.00

Retired May 1998:
Blizzard (white tiger) - 13.00
Quackers (duck) - 13.00

Retired October 1998:
Seaweed (otter) - 15.00 (very hard to find)

Retired October 1998:
Daisy (cow) - 7.00
Puffer (puffkin) - 7.00
Ringo (racoon) - 7.00

HTF - Bears:
Curly (brown nap)- 10.00 (retired December 1998)
Fortune (panda) - 10.00
Erin (green w/white shamrock)- 13.00

HTF - Wise (owl) - 10.00

Updated 2/3/99


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GRAPHICS courtesy of:
Beanie Buddy Board
The Graphics Station