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Romance Novel Sequels and Prequels

"What Books Are In This Series?"

How often have you read a really good romance and closed the book with a nagging feeling that another one MUST have been written before it? Perhaps certain secondary characters were so vivid and compelling that you just know they had their own story. Or perhaps the plot was such that you know you've missed the beginning thread somewhere.

Or, conversely, how often have you been drawn to a certain secondary character or setting or storyline, and NEED to know whether more will be forthcoming?

While there are sites currently on the 'net that provide wonderful bibliographies for hundreds of romance authors, we haven't been able to find one that provides a simple yet concise listing of sequels and prequels. A checklist of sorts that can be printed out and carried on the next book hunt, containing only the very basic and necessary information.

On the following pages we hope to provide such a list.

Please note that we are striving for simplicity. In this light, single title romances will have their subgenres noted, but category romances, being normally contemporary, will have notations only next to those that contain "other elements", such as time travel or paranormal. (The exception to the latter, of course, will be any Harlequin Historical, whose name speaks for itself!)

This will be a big (and ongoing) venture. With several new releases appearing every month, it can be quite a task to sort out whether any of those releases connect to others. It will even be more complex to work with older releases, particularly the myriad category romances issued from the 70's onward.

With the help of all you wonderful readers and authors out there, it can be done! Upon visiting the different pages of the list, if you note omissions, know of additions, or see errors, please do email us! This is a project by readers for readers, and we'd like it to be the best it can be.

MargieB and Elaine Lee
Sequels and Prequels

CREATED: January 1, 1999
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Much gratitude and appreciation is extended to the following online friends and romance readers for sharing their research and the contents of their keeper shelves and personal databases to give this site a terrific running start: Gail Brodeur, Jann Muhlhauser (Jaycee), Laverne Hawthorne, Sandi Morris, Darlene Wade, and thoughtful members of online romance listservs who have shared series and titles over the years.

A very special thank you to Tonia Izu and Cissy Hartley for their technical contributions and advice; you've made this site so much better already!

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