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I nominate Tucson, Arizona for the Romance 2000 convention. Tucson is beautiful in April and early May, with the wildflowers blooming along the roads and in the national parks such as Picacho Peak. Also the cacti bloom around that time, and they are a wonder to behold! No snow, no rain, just clear blue skies. Temperatures usually are in the 70-80 degree range.

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is world famous for the desert flora and wildlife to be found there. There's no other museum like it anywhere, and it is located conveniently close to Tucson. It's a 1/2 day trip.

For folks who enjoy unusual cave formations, the Kartchner Canverns located near Benson is a spectacular sight. It is just now opening up to the public, and every attempt is being made to keep it in pristine condition. These caverns were just recently discovered, but I've seen slides of the interior, and it is fastastic! Even better than Carlsbad.

Other attractions include Old Tucson Studios, shopping over the border in Nogales, Mexico, The University of Arizona campus and Flandrau Planeterium, San Xavier Mission, Pima Air Museum, Sabino Canyon for hiking, and much more!

Both new and used bookstores are great here in Tucson. In addition to the Borders and Barnes & Noble chain stores, there are several independents and used bookstores that are great for romances. Bookmans, with 2 locations in Tucson, is one of the best organized and well stocked used bookstores around with prices at 1/2 cover. Other smaller bookstores (Susie's Paperbacks and Wise Owl Bookstore to name just 2) have great stocks of romances. Susie's Paperbacks, in particular, has a great supply of older "prime" romances, both on and off their collectible shelf. For the mystery fan, there is a terrific mystery independent bookstore, Clues Unlimited, that has a great selection.

Lots of hotels and restaurants abound in Tucson. Parking is usually free and plentiful, except in the downtown area. It's easy to drive to Tucson and get around town by car. Visitors may fly to Phoenix and drive (or take the shuttle) to Tucson or fly directly into Tucson. Hotel room rates generally are reasonable in April/early May.

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