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Romance - Categories
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Condition codes: F=Fine; VG=Very Good; G=Good (explanations on home page)

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Adams, Kasey    Winter's Promise   RR 57    F   2.50
Adams, Kasey Reach For The Sky RR 104 F 2.50
Adams, Kasey Untamed Desire RR 35 F 2.50
Anderson, Catherine Switchback HI 135 G 1.50 (ex-lib)
Arnold, Judith Lucky Penny HAR 342 VG- 1.50 light creases
Arnold, Judith Safe Harbor HAR 405 G 1.25 shelfwear
Arnold, Judith Change of Life HAR 362 VG- 1.50
Arnold, Judith A>Loverboy (A Century of American Romance 1990's) HAR 389 G 1.50
Banks, Leanne A Date With Dr. Frankenstein (Masters Brothers) SSE 983 G 2.00
Banks, Leanne Date With Dr. Frankenstein + Expectant Father (2 bks) SSE F 6.00
Black, Jackie Romantic Roulette CER 339 VG- 1.00 (Lg. X on cover)
Boswell, Barbara Little Consequences LS 53 F 1.50
Boswell, Barbara Intimate Details LS 242 VG+ 1.50
Boswell, Barbara The Last Brady LS 444 F 1.75
Boswell, Barbara Playing Hard To Get LS 207 F 1.75
Boswell, Barbara Baby, Baby LS 261 VG 1.25
Boswell, Barbara Simply Irresistible LS 334 F 1.75
Boswell, Barbara And Tara, Too LS 272 G- 1.25 stamps
Boswell, Barbara Family Feud (Man of the Month, Sep '94) SD 877 VG+ 1.50
Boswell, Barbara Tangles LS 183 G 1.25
Boswell, Barbara Ms. Fortune's Man LS 318 G 1.25
Boswell, Barbara Strong Temptation LS 486 G+ 1.25
Boswell, Barbara Private Lessons LS 582 VG 1.75
Boswell, Barbara The Best Revenge SD 821 G+ 1.50
Brashear, Jean The Bodyguard's Wife (Women To Watch) SSE 1206 F 2.00
Brockmann, Suzanne No Ordinary Man (Dangerous Men) HI 365 G+ 2.00 corner folds
Buck, Carole Love Play SCAL 269 F 2.00
Burghley, Rose Alpine Doctor (aka The Afterglow) HR G+ 0.50 tape on spine
Burnes, Caroline Familiar Christmas (Fear Familiar) HI 542 F 2.00
Caijo, Linda Family To Be (The Daddy Club) HAR 805 F 2.00
Cameron, Stella A Man for Easter HAR 433 VG 1.50
Carleen, Sally Shaded Leaves of Destiny SShadow 46 VG- 1.75
Carr, Robyn Informed Risk SSE 517 VG+ 2.00
Carroll, Susan Black Lace and Linen (Bachelor Boys) F+ 2.50
Chastain, Sandra Baring It All (Sweet Talkin' Guys) HT 768 VG 2.00 (store stamp)
Chittenden, Margaret Shadow of a Doubt HI 242 F 2.00
Christenberry, Judy Baby 2000 (Delivery Room Dads) HAR 802 F 2.00
Copeland, Lori Out of Control CER 239 VG- 1.25 (stamp)
Copeland, Lori Melancholy Baby LS 508 F 1.50
Copeland, Lori Squeeze Play LS 448 F+ 1.50
Craig, Jasmine Runaway Love SCAL 46 G 1.00
Creighton, Kathleen Winter's Daughter LS 279 G 1.25
Creighton, Kathleen The Awakening of Dr. Brown SIM 1057 VG- 2.25
Dancer, Lacey Lightning Strikes Twice Kism 133 F- 1.75 (some edgewear)
Darcy, Emma To Tame A Wild Heart G+ 1.25
Davis, Justine The Morning Side of Dawn SIM 674 G 2.00
Davis, Justine Target of Opportunity SIM 506 VG 2.25
Davis, Justine Lover Under Cover (Trinity Street West) SIM 698 VG- 2.25
Davis, Justine One Last Chance SIM 517 G+ 2.00
Davis, Justine Leader of the Pack (Trinity Street West) SIM 728 G+ 2.00
Davis, Justine Out of the Dark SIM 638 G+ 2.00
Davis, Justine A Whole Lot of Love SD 1281 VG 2.00
Delinsky, Barbara The Forever Instinct HT 41 G+ 2.00
Delinsky, Barbara Jasmine Sorcery HT intro G 1.00 (stamp/tape)
Delinsky, Barbara Through My Eyes HT 249 VG 2.00
Delinsky, Barbara First Things First HT 87 VG- 2.00
Delinsky, Barbara T.L.C. HT 199 VG- 2.00
Delinsky, Barbara The Real Thing HT 130 VG 2.00
Delinsky, Barbara Having Faith HT 297 G 1.50
Delinsky, Barbara Having Faith HT Intro G+ 1.75 (spine crease/rubbing spine edge)
Delinsky, Barbara Through My Eyes HT 249 F- 2.00 (crease back cover)
Domning, Joan J. Lahti's Apple LS 63 F 2.00
Domning, Joan J. Hunter's Payne LS 12 F 2.00
Domning, Joan J. Pfarr Lake Affair LS 19 F 1.50
Donald, Robyn Meant to Marry (The Marriage Maker) HP 1871 G 1.50
Douglass, Billie (Delinsky) A Time To Love SSE 32 VG- 2.00
Douglass, Billie (Delinsky) An Irresistible Impulse SSE 123 G+ 1.50 (creases)
Drake, Bonnie (Delinsky) Amber Enchantment CER 101 VG+ 3.00
Drake, Bonnie (Delinsky) Lilac Awakening CER 85 VG 3.00
Duncan, Judith That Same Old Feeling (Wide Open Spaces/AmerHero) SIM 577 G+ 2.00 (light creases)
Duncan, Judith If Wishes Were Horses (Wide Open Spaces) SIM 1072 VG+ 2.25
Eagle, Kathleen Medicine Woman HH 30 G+ 2.50 (store stamp)
Eagle, Kathleen Private Treaty HH 2 F- 3.00 (corner fold)
Eagle, Kathleen Broomstick Cowboy SSE 848 VG 2.00
Eagle, Kathleen Paintbox Morning (1st ed) SIM 284 F- 2.50
Eagle, Kathleen Heaven and Earth HH 50 G 1.75 (stamps/marker)
Eagle, Kathleen Defender (American Hero) SIM 589 F 2.00
Eagle, Kathleen For Old Times' Sake (Men Made In America print) G+ 1.50 (light creases)
Early, Margot Nick's Kind of Woman HSR 724 G+ 2.00 (spine creases)
Evanick, Marcia His Chosen Bride (Spellbound) SIM 717 G 1.75 (folds/lt creases)
Faith, Barbara Echoes of Summer SSE 650 VG+ 1.50
Ferrarella, Marie Forgotten Honeymoon (Fortune's Children) G+ 2.25
Ferris, Gina Full of Grace (Family Found) SSE 793 VG+ 2.00
Ferris, Gina Far To Go SSE 862 VG- 2.00 (corner fold)
Ferris, Gina Loving and Giving SSE 879 VG- 2.00
Flanders, Rebecca Suddenly Love HAR 41 G 0.75
Fox, Susan The Man She'll Marry (Cowboy Grooms Wanted!) HR 3648 VG 2.00
Freed, Jan Talk To Me HSR 858 G+ 2.00
Gerard, Cindy The Outlaw Jesse James (Outlaw Hearts) SD 1198 F 2.00
Gerard, Cindy Marriage, Outlaw Style (Outlaw Hearts) SD 1185 F 2.00
Grant, Jeanne Trouble In Paradise TH&TH 28 G+ 1.25
Grant, Jeanne Cupid's Confederates TH&TH 41 F 2.25
Grant, Jeanne Sunburst TH&TH 14 VG- 2.25
Grant, Jeanne Wintergreen SCAL 184 VG- 1.50 (bluing on spine)
Grant, Jeanne Conquer the Memories TH&TH 44 F 2.25
Gray, Ginna In Search of Dreams (A Family Bond) SSE 1340 F 2.50
Gray, Ginna A Man Apart (A Family Bond) SSE 1330 F- 2.50 (small corner fold)
Gray, Ginna The Heart's Yearning SSE 265 VG 1.75
Green, Billie A Very Reluctant Knight LS 16 F 2.00
Green, Billie To See The Daisies First LS 43 VG+ 2.00
Green, Billie The Last Hero LS 65 VG+ 2.00
Green, Billie In Annie's Eyes LS 504 exlib 0.50
Green, Billie That Boy From Trash Town SSE 763 F- 2.00
Herter, Lori The Willow File SShadow G 1.50 (creases)
Herter, Lori Listen Up, Lover SYT G 1.00 (tape)
Hudson, Jan Big and Bright LS 464 G 1.50
Hudson, Jan One Tough Texan LS 700 G+ 2.00
Hudson, Jan Deeper and Deeper LS 443 G- 0.50 (exlib)
James, B. J. Tears of the Rose SD 709 G+ 1.50
James, Kristin Satan's Angel HH 1 F 3.00
Jarrett, Miranda The Secrets of Catie Hazard (Sparhawk Family Saga) HH 363 G+ 2.50
Jarrett, Miranda Desire My Love (Sparhawk Family Saga) HH 247 VG 2.00
Jensen, Muriel Home To You HAR/Exclusive New 3.00
Jensen, Muriel Four Reasons For Fatherhood (The Daddy Club) HAR 813) F 2.00
Kauffman, Donna Silent Warrior LS 831 F- 2.00
Kauffman, Donna Light My Fire (Men of Legend) LS 867 VG 2.00
Keast, Karen Forbidden Dream SCAL 294 VG 2.50
Keast, Karen Dark Lightning SCAL 316 G 1.50
Keast, Karen Suddenly the Magic SCAL 225 F- 2.50
King, Claire Knight In A White Stetson SIM 930 VG 2.25
Korbel, Kathleen Don't Fence Me In (Man of the Month, Aug '96) SD 1015 G 2.00
Korbel, Kathleen Simple Gifts SIM 571 VG 2.00
Korbel, Kathleen Hotshot (Man of the Month July '90) SD 582 G 1.50
Korbel, Kathleen Lightning Strikes SIM 351 G+ 1.50
Lee, Rachel Defying Grafity SIM 430 G- 1.00 (slant/creases/edgewear)
Leigh, Jo Catching His Eye HAR 851 F 2.50
Leigh, Jo Everyday Hero SIM 740 VG- 2.00
Leone, Laura A Woman's Work SSE 608 F- 2.00
Logan, Cait Lady on the Line SCAL 325 F 2.00
Lovelace, Merline Perfect Double (Code Name: Danger) SIM 692 VG- 2.00 (bend)
Lovelace, Merline Beauty and the Bodyguard (Fortune's Children) VG 2.50
Macomber, Debbie Yesterday's Hero SR 426 G+ 1.00
Macomber, Debbie Wanted: Perfect Partner SYT G 1.50
Macomber, Debbie Promise Me Forever SR 341 G- 0.50 exlib
Macomber, Debbie Shadow Chasing SR 415 G 1.00
Macomber, Debbie Shadow Chasing SR 415 G 1.00
Macomber, Debbie Love 'n' Marriage SR 522 VG- 2.00
Macomber, Debbie Ready For Marriage SR 3307 VG 1.75
Macomber, Debbie Fallen Angel SSE 577 G+ 1.50
Macomber, Debbie Borrowed Dreams (Men Made In America) VG- 1.50
Macomber, Debbie Yours and Mine HR 2993 F 1.50
Macomber, Debbie Yours and Mine HR 2993 F- 1.50
Macomber, Debbie Stand-In Wife SSE 744 F- 2.00
Macomber, Debbie Bride on the Loose SSE 756 G 1.00
Macomber, Debbie Denim and Diamonds SSE 570 VG- 1.50
Macomber, Debbie Country Bride HR 3059 F 1.50
Macomber, Debbie Valerie; Stephanie; Norah (3 books - Orchard Valley series/HAR) VG- to F 6.00
Macomber, Debbie Ending In Marriage (Midnight Sons) G+ 1.75
Macomber, Debbie Brides For Brothers (Midnight Sons) VG- 1.75
Macomber, Debbie The Marriage Risk (Midnight Sons) VG- 1.75
Macomber, Debbie Falling For Him (Midnight Sons) VG 1.75
Macomber, Debbie Daddy's Little Helper (Midnight Sons) VG 1.75
Marton, Sandra Emerald Fire HP 2100 F 1.50
Matlock, Curtiss Ann Crosswinds SR 422 F 1.50
McComas, Mary Kay Familiar Words LS 358 G+ 1.00
McKenna, Lindsay Dawn of Valor (Love and Glory) SSE 649 F 2.00
McKenna, Lindsay A Question of Honor (Love and Glory) SSE 529 F- 2.00
McKenna, Lindsay No Surrender (Love and Glory) SSE 535 F 2.00
McKenna, Lindsay No Quarter Given (Women of Glory) SSE 667 F 2.00
McKenna, Lindsay White Wolf (That Special Woman!) SSE 1135 F- 2.00
McKenna, Lindsay Point of Departure (That Special Woman) SSE 853 F 2.00 set of initials
McKenna, Lindsay Dangerous Alliance (Men of Courage) SSE 884) G+ 1.75 (light creases)
McKenna, Lindsay Morgan's Marriage (Morgan's Mercenaries) SSE 1005 F 2.00
McKenna, Lindsay Hunter's Pride (Morgan's III/The Hunters) SSE 1274 F- 2.25 (green dot bottom)
McKenna, Lindsay Countdown (Men of Courage) SSE 890 F 2.00
McKenna, Tate Partners In Peril CES 112 G 1.25
Michaels, Kasey Raffling Ryan (The Chandlers Request) SR 1481 F 2.00
Michaels, Kasey Romeo In the Rain SR 743 VG 1.75
Michaels, Kasey The Sheikh's Secret Son (The Fortunes of Texas) F 2.50
Mortimer, Carole Their Engagement Is Announced HP 2098 F 1.50
Neels, Betty The Chain of Destiny HR 3053 VG- 1.75
Neels, Betty The Chain of Destiny HR 3053 VG- 1.75
Neels, Betty Always and Forever HR 3675 VG 2.00
Neels, Betty An Independent Woman HR 3685 VG 2.00
Neels, Betty Caroline's Waterloo HR 2393 G 1.00 (tape/creases)
Neels, Betty The Convenient Wife (Art Cover) G 2.00
Neels, Betty An Unlikely Romance HR 3222 VG- 1.50
Neels, Betty Two Weeks To Remember HR 3222 G 1.00
Neels, Betty Two Weeks To Remember HR 2808 G+ 1.50
Neels, Betty Midnight Sun's Magic HR 2314 G 1.00 exlib/tape
Neels, Betty The Fateful Bargain HR 3024 VG- 1.75
Neels, Betty Year's Happy Ending HR 2692 G 1.00
Orwig, Sara Oregon Brown LS 58 VG+ 1.50
Orwig, Sara Beware The Wizard LS 48 VG+ 1.25
Pappano, Marilyn Not Without Honor SIM 338 G+ 2.00
Pappano, Marilyn No Retreat (American Hero) SIM 469 G 1.75
Pappano, Marilyn A Dangerous Man SIM 381 F 1.75.
Phillips, Tori Midsummer's Knight (sequel to Silent Knight) HH 415 F 2.50
Phillips, Tori Lady of the Knight HH 476 VG- 2.50
Raye, Kimberly Til We Meet Again SShadow G 1.75 (lt creases/slant)
Riggs, Paula Detmer Tender Offer SIM 314 VG 2.00
Riggs, Paula Detmer Paroled! SIM 440 G 1.50
Riggs, Paula Detmer Her Secret, His Child SIM 667 G 1.50
Riggs, Paula Detmer Her Secret, His Child SIM 667 VG- 2.50
Riggs, Paula Detmer Fantasy Man SIM 226 G+ 1.50
Riggs, Paula Detmer A Perfect Hero SIM 889 VG+ 2.00 penciled price
Roberts, Nora Nightshade SIM 529 G 2.00
Roberts, Nora Once More With Feeling SIM 2 G 2.00 (creases)
Rolofson, Kristine Bound for Bliss HT 290 VG- 1.50 (white on cover)
Ross, JoAnn In A Class By Himself HT 201 VG 1.50
Ross, JoAnn Scandals HT 506 F 2.00
Ross, JoAnn Wilde 'n' Wonderful HT 209 F- 2.00 (corner fold)
Ross, JoAnn Tangled Hearts HT 333 VG- 1.50
Ross, JoAnn Lovestorm HT 471 F 2.00
Ross, JoAnn Tempting Fate HT 153 G+ 1.50
Rush, Mallory Between the Sheets HT 607 G+ 2.50 (slant/lt creases)
Sala, Sharon Royal's Child SIM 913 F- 2.25
Sala, Sharon For Her Eyes Only (36 Hours) F 2.50
Scalera, Darlene Man In A Million HAR 807 F 2.00
Seidel, Kathleen Gilles The Same Last Name HAR intro VG 2.00 (date stamps)
Sellers, Alexandra Sheikh's Temptation SD 1274 G+ 2.00 (spine creases)
Shayne, Maggie/Tracy, Marilyn Brides of the Night (Wings of the Night) SIM 883 G 2.00
Shayne, Maggie Miranda's Viking (Spellbound) SIM 568 G+ 2.00
Shayne, Maggie Twilight Illusions SShadow G+ 4.00
Shayne, Maggie Badlands Bad Boy (The Texas Brand) SIM 809 VG 2.00
Simmons, Deborah Maiden Bride HH 332 G+ 2.50
Simmons, Deborah The Devil Eart HH 317 G 2.00
Simmons, Deborah The Gentleman Thief HH 495 VG- 2.50
Simms, Suzanne The Pirate Princess (Hazards, Inc.) SD 862 F 1.50
Smith, Deborah Never Let Go LS 308 G 1.25
Smith, Joan Future Perfect SR 325 VG+ 2.00
Smith, Joan From Now On SR 269 VG 2.00
St. George, Margaret Dear Santa HAR 323 VG- 1.50
St. George, Margaret Love Bites (Vampire) HAR 582 G 2.00
St. John, Cheryl The Gunslinger's Bride (Montana Mavericks) F 3.00
St. John, Cheryl The Doctor's Wife HH 481 VG 2.50
Stuart, Anne Housebound HAR 93 G 1.25
Stuart, Anne Rancho Diablo (Western Lovers) G 1.50
Stuart, Anne Crazy Like A Fox HAR 326 G 1.50 spine creases
Stuart, Anne Cry For The Moon HAR 260 VG- 2.00
Stuart, Anne Cry For The Moon HAR 260 G 1.50 (slant/creases)
Stuart, Anne Rafe's Revenge HAR 453 G+ 2.00 creases
Stuart, Anne Winter's Edge HI 329 VG 2.00 (X on bottom)
Stuart, Anne Night of the Phantom HAR 398 G+ 1.75
Stuart, Anne Blue Sage HAR 213 VG- 1.75
Stuart, Anne Lazarus Rising HAR 374 F- 2.00
Stuart, Anne Wild Thing HAR 845 G 1.50
Taylor, Valerie The World's Best Dad HAR 816 F 2.00
Thompson, Vickie Lewis Pure Temptation HT 744 VG 2.00 Blaze
Vaughn, Evelyn Beneath The Surface (The Circle) SShadows 52 F- 2.00
Vaughn, Evelyn Burning Times (The Circle) F- 2.00
Vaughn, Evelyn Forest of the Night (The Circle) F- 2.00
White, Tiffany Forbidden Fantasy HT 367 G 1.50 (spine creases)
Whitney, Diana The Raven Master SShadow VG 2.00
Wiggs, Susan Husband For Hire (Heart of the West) F 2.50
Wilks, Eileen Proposition: Marriage SD 1239 F 2.00
Williams, Bronwyn White Witch HH 3 F 2.50
Wilson, Gayle Each Precious Hour (The McCord Family Countdown) HI 541 F 2.00
Wind, Ruth A Minute To Smile SSE 742 G+ 1.50 creases
Wind, Ruth A Minute To Smile SSE 742 VG 2.00
Wind, Ruth Reckless (The Last Roundup) SIM 796 G 1.50
Wisdom, Linda Randall Voices in the Night HAR 382 G+ 0.75 (exlib)

Some Hard-To-Finds; almost all have very creased spines but are good reading copies or above.
Brown, Sandra Breakfast In Bed (Silver Ed) LS G 1.00 very slanted
Brown, Sandra Tidings of Great Joy LS 229 G 1.00 very slanted
Brown, Sandra Send No Flowers LS/Silver Edition G 2.00
St. Claire, Erin (Brown) A Secret Splendor SIM 29 G+ 2.00 spill spots

James, Stephanie To Tame the Hunter SD 55 G 2.00 initials inside
James, Stephanie Green Fire SD 277 G 2.00 cross-outs
James, Stephanie Affair of Honor SD 49 G 2.00
James, Stephanie Cautious Lover SD 253 G 2.00
James, Stephanie Night of the Magician SD 145 G+ 2.00 (light spine crease)
James, Stephanie Gamemaster SD 67 G 2.00 (white areas front cover;light stamps)
Krentz, Jayne Ann Between the Lines HT 125 G- 1.00 exlib, "used"
Krentz, Jayne Ann Man With A Past HT 45 G+ 2.00 no teaser pg

Hooper, Kay The Haunting of Josie LS 703 G 2.00 creases
Hooper, Kay (Kay Robbins) Elusive Dawn SCAL 130 G- 1.00 very slanted
Hooper, Kay (Kay Robbins) Kissed By Magic SCAL 155 G 2.00 slant

Nice copies: Hoag, Tami The Restless Heart LS 458 VG 3.00
Hoag, Tami Taken By Storm LS 532 VG- 2.50 (some creases on this one)

And for fun, some exlib Rapture Romances (lib name marked off on top outside pages; some initials inside).
Dale, Jennifer Tender Rhapsody RR 7 G .25 Shore, Francine Flower of Desire RR 11 G .25 Benet, Deborah Passion's Song RR 13 G .25 Benet, Deborah Midnight Eyes RR 23 G .25 Chandler, Laurel Heart's Victory RR 30 VG- .50 Frost, Eleanor Elusive Paradise RR 53 G- .25

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