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Romance - Traditional Regencies
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Condition codes: F=Fine; VG=Very Good; G=Good (explanations on home page)

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Allardyce, Paula	The Rogue's Lady (Georgian)	VG-	2.00
Ashford, Jane A Radical Arrangement VG- 1.50
Ashford, Jane The First Season VG 1.50
Barbour, Anne Buried Secrets VG 2.50
Bennett, Janice A Lady's Champion G 2.00
Blayne, Sara An Elusive Guardian F 2.00
Boucher, Rita The Devil's Due G 2.00 (date stamps)
Buck, Gayle Lord John's Lady F 2.50
Butler, Mary E. The Genuine Article G 2.00 light (creases/slant)
Cameron, Miranda The Dissolute Duke G 1.50
Carmichael, Jeanne Madcap Johnny G+ 1.50 (light creases/slant)
Carmichael, Jeanne A Match Made In Heaven G+ 1.50
Chesney, Marion The Intrigue G 1.00 exlib
Chesney, Marion The Folly G 1.00 exlib
Collum, Lynn The Wedding Charm F 2.50
Counts, Wilma Willed To Wed F 2.50
Courtney, Caroline Guardian of the Heart F- 2.00 (Warner Books)
DesJardien, Teresa Marriage Mart VG- 1.75
DesJardien, Teresa The Marriage Masquerade F 2.75
Eastwood, Gail An Unlikely Hero F 2.50
Edwards, Rachelle Marriage A La Mode F- 2.75 (light store stamp)
Edwards, Rachelle Regency Masquerade F- 2.00
Edwards, Rachelle The Ransome Inheritance F- 2.00
Farrell, Marjorie Lady Barbara's Dilemma F 2.00
Ferguson, Jo Ann A Highland Folly F 2.50
Gedney, Mona K. A Lady of Fortune VG 1.50
Greenlea, Denice The Fortune Seeker (Victorian) VG- 1.00
Heath, Sandra A Commercial Enterprise G+ 1.50
Hendrickson, Emily The Contrary Cornthian VG 2.00
Hendrickson, Emily The Ivory Dragon F 2.75
Heyer, Georgette The Corinthian (Collector's reissue 2000) F- 4
Heyer, Georgette The Convenient Marriage (Collector's reissue 2000) F 4.00
Heyer, Georgette The Talisman Ring (Collector's reissue 2000) 4.00
Kerstan, Lynn Lord Dragoner's Wife F 2.75
Kilstrom, April The Charming Imposter G 1.00 (edgewear)
Kihlstrom, April The Soldier's Bride F 2.75
Lane, Allison A Clandestine Courtship G 2.00
Lane, Allison Double Deceit F 2.75
Lansdowne, Judith A. Balmorrow's Bride VG 2.50
Layton, Edith False Angel VG- 2.00
Layton, Edith The Duke's Wager G 2.00
Lindsey, Dawn The Nonpareil VG 1.50
Lindsey, Dawn A Proper Proposal VG- 1.50
Linton, Isobel A Gentleman's Daughter VG 2.00
MacWilliams, Margaret The Marriage Agreement (CES 597) VG- 1.50 (Edwardian)
Mansfield, Elizabeth Her Heart's Captain G 1.50 light creases/slant
Matthews, Laura A Fine Gentleman F 2.50
McRae, Melinda An Unlikely Attraction F 2.00
Mills, Anita The Rogue's Return G 1.75 (cover scrape/lt creases)
Oliver, Patricia The Lady In Gray G+ 2.50 (stamps/bottom scrape)
Orwig, Sara The Fairfax Brew F- 2.00
Orwig, Sara Revenge for a Duchess VG- 2.00
Raleigh, Debbie A Bride for Lord Brasleigh VG+ 2.50 (light fold)
Rice, Patricia The Genuine Article VG- 2.00
Roberts, Janet Louise The Golden Thistle F 3.00
Thorpe, Sylvia The Devil's Bondman VG+ 1.00
Westhaven, Margaret In For A Penny (Warner Books) VG 1.50
Westhaven, Margaret Four In Hand G+ 2.00 (light creases)
Wibberley, Anna Were This Wild Thing Wedded VG- 1.50 (folds)
Roberts, Janet Louise The Dancing Doll G+ 1.00 Candlelight #111
Anthology: Bennett/Blayne/Ellis Lords of the Night G+ 2.50 (slant) Bennett/Blayne/Hamilton/Hocker/Malcolm/Thornton G 2.00 (creases) Clare/Counts/Raleigh Christmas Eve Kittens F 2.50

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