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Condition codes: F=Fine; VG=Very Good; G=Good (explanations on home page)

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Note: Here and there I've put brief comments, usually on the specific reason why a book missed a higher condition rating.

Aird, Catherine Henrietta Who? G 1.00 (slant)
Allingham, Margery The Tiger In The Smoke (Albert Campion) 2.50 (Penguin/Britain)
Barr, Nevada Track of the Cat (Introducing Anna Pigeon) F 4.00
Bishop, Claudia Murder Well-Don (Hemlock Falls) G 3.00
Bradbury, Ray Death Is A Lonely Business VG- 5.00 (trade size)
Braun, Lillian Jackson The Cat Who Sniffed Glue G 1.75
Brett, Simon Mrs. Pargeter's Point of Honour VG- 3.00
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Takes The Cake (A Victorian Mystery) F- 3.00
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art (A Victorian Mystery) F- 3.00
Brill, Toni Date With A Dead Doctor VG- 2.50
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Brown Wish You Were Here (Mrs. Murphy) F 3.50
Cannell, Dorothy How To Murder The Man Of Your Dreams VG+ 3.00
Carvic, Heron Picture Miss Seeton VG- 1.75 (cut on teaser page)
Churchill, Jill A Groom With A View (Jane Jeffry Myst) G+ 3.00 (slant)
Churchill, Jill The Class Menagerie (Jane Jeffry Myst) G+ 3.00
Churchill, Jill From Here to Paternity (Jane Jeffry) VG- 3.00
Cody, Liza Rift VG 2.00
Cohen, Nancy J. Permed To Death (A Bad Hair Day) VG- 3.00 (slant/light creases)
Cross, Amanda Sweet Death, Kind Death (Kate Fansler) VG- 2.50
Cross, Amanda The Question of Max (Kate Fansler) G+ 1.75
Cross, Amanda A Trap For Fools (Kate Fansler) F- 2.50
Cross, Amanda The Theban Mysteries G 1.50
Daheim, Mary Dune To Death (Bed and Breakfast Mystery) G 2.75 (slant/creases)
Daheim, Mary Bantam of the Opera G 2.75 (slant/lt creases)
Daheim, Mary A Fit of Tempera (Bed and Breakfast) G 2.75 (slant/creases)
Daheim, Mary Auntie Mayhem (Bed and Breakfast) G 2.75 (slant/creases)
Dunlap, Susan Pious Deception G 2.00 (slant/lt creases)
Dunlap, Susan The Last Annual Slugfest VG- 2.75
Dunlap, Susan Diamond in the Buff G+ 2.00
Dunlap, Susan Rogue Wave F- 2.75
Dunning, John Booked To Die VG- 3.00 (creases)
Evanovich, Janet Hot Six (Stephanie Plum) VG- 3.50 (curves)
Evanovich, Janet One For The Money (Stephanie Plum) G 3.00
Evanovich, Janet Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum) VG 3.50
Fielding, Joy See Jane Run VG 3.00 (light creases)
Fielding, Joy Don't Cry Now F 3.50
George, Elizabeth A Suitable Vengeance F- 3.50
George, Elizabeth In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner F- 3.75
Gilman, Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle G+ 2.50
Gilman, Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief VG- 3.00 (spine creases)
Gilman, Dorothy The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax F 3.00
Gilman, Dorothy The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax VG- 1.50 (cover creases/small tape/original cover art)
Gilman, Dorothy The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax VG+ 3.00
Gilman, Dorothy The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax VG- 1.75
Gilman, Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha VG- 1.75
Gilman, Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax on Safari VG-/G+ 2.00
Grady, Erin Web of Smoke F- 3.00
Grimes, Martha The Lamorna Wink VG 3.50
Grimes, Martha The Old Fox Deceiv'd G+ 2.50
Grimes, Martha The Dirty Duck VG 2.50
Grimes, Martha Rainbow's End G+ 3.50 (spine creases)
Grimes, Martha Help the Poor Struggler VG 2.50
Grimes, Martha The Man With a Load of Mischief VG 2.50
Grimes, Martha The Five Bells and Bladebone VG 2.50
Grimes, Martha The Deer Leap VG 2.50
Henry, Sue Deadfall (An Alaska Mystery) F- 3.25
Hess, Joan Tickled to Death (Claire Malloy) G+ 2.50 (shelfwear)
Hess, Joan Tickled to Death (Claire Malloy) F 3.00
Hess, Joan The Murder at the Murder at the Mimosa Inn (Clair Malloy) G+ 1.50
Hess, Joan Madness in Maggody (Arly Hanks) F- 2.00
Hess, Joan Busy Bodies (Claire Malloy) F- 3.00
Hess, Joan Roll Over and Play Dead (Claire Malloy) F 2.00
Hess, Joan Much Ado In Maggody (Arly Hanks) F- 2.00 (light crease)
Hess, Joan Mortal Remains In Maggody (Arly Hanks) F- 2.00 (crease)
Hess, Joan Mischief In Maggody (Arly Hanks) F 2.00
Heyer, Georgette Detection Unlimited G+ 2.00 (slant/crease)
Hoag, Tami Ashes to Ashes F+ 4.00
Hiaasen, Carl Skin Tight F- 4.00
Hiaasen, Carl Skin Tight G+ 3.50 (slant)
Hiaasen, Carl Lucky You VG- 3.75
Howatch, Susan April's Grave VG 2.00
Hunter, Fred Ransom For A Killing (Jeremy Ransom/Emily Charters) VG 3.50
James, P. D. Shroud for a Nightingale Dalgliesh) G 1.00 (writing)
James, P. D. An Unsuitable Job For A Woman G+ 2.50
Kellerman, Faye Jupiter's Bones F- 4.00
Kenney, Susan Garden of Malice G+ 2.00 (light creases)
Kijewski, Karen Katwalk (Kat Colorado) G+ 2.50 (light creases)
Kijewski, Karen Katwalk (Kat Colorado) (1st US pb) VG 3.50
Kingsbury, Kate Service For Two (Pennyfoot Hotel) G+ 2.25
Lovesey, Peter Bertie and the Seven Bodies (Victorian) G+ 2.50
Ludlum, Robert & Gayle Lynds The Hades Factor (A Covert-One Novel) VG 8.00 (trade size/extra postage)
Lupica, Mike Extra Credits VG- 2.00
MacLeod, Charlotte The Silver Ghost (Sarah Kelling) G 2.00
MacLeod, Charlotte The Recycled Citizen F- 2.50
Manson, Cynthia (ed) Murder Takes A Holiday (trade size/644 pgs/exlib/extra postage) G+ 4.00
Marsh, Ngaio Death of a Peer VG- 2.00 (light creases)
Marston, Edward The Ravens of Blackwater (Domesday Myst) F- 4.00 (small lib stamp)
Marston, Edward The Wolves of Savernake (Domesday Myst) G 3.00 (slant/creases)
Matera, Lia A Hard Bargain (Laura Di Palma) F- 2.50
Matera, Lia Hidden Agenda (Willa Jansson) F- 2.00
McCrumb, Sharyn Paying the Piper G 2.50
McCrumb, Sharyn Missing Susan VG 2.50
McGown, Jill Murder at the Old Vicarage VG 2.50 (corner fold)
Morgan, Kate Wanted: Dude or Alive (Dewey James) G 2.00
Morgan, Mary Willful Neglect F 2.75
Muller, Marcia Wolf In The Shadows (Sharon McCone) VG+ 3.00
Muller, Marcia Where Echoes Live (Sharon McCone Myst) VG 3.00
Muller, Marcia Trophies and Dead Things (Sharon McCone) VG+ 3.00
Muller, Marcia Trophies and Dead Things (Sharon McCone) VG- 3.00 (light creases)
Muller, Marcia Eye of the Storm VG 3.00
Myers, Tamar The Ming and I (Den of Antiquity Myst.) F- 3.00
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Advent of Dying (Sister Mary Helen Myst) G+ 1.75
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Death of an Angel (Sister Mary Helen Myst) VG-/G+ 3.00
Paretsky, Sara Bitter Medicine (V. I. Warshawski) VG- 3.00
Paretsky, Sara Guardian Angel (V.I. Warshawski) VG- 3.00
Parker, Robert B. Crimson Joy F- 3.50
Patterson, Jame Kiss The Girls F 3.50
Penman, Sharon Kay The Queen's Man (A Medieval Mystery) G 3.00 (slant/creases)
Perry, Anne Bedford Square (Charlotte&Thomas Pitt) G+ 3.00 (slant/creases)
Perry, Anne Ashworth Hall (Charlotte&Thomas Pitt) F- 3.50
Perry, Anne Rutland Place (Charlotte&Thomas Pitt) F- 3.50
Peters, Elizabeth The Last Camel Died At Noon (Amelia Peabody) F 4.00
Peters, Ellis St. Peter's Fair G 2.00
Pickard, Nancy Dead Crazy (Jennie Cain Mystery) VG+ 3.00
Pickard, Nancy Marriage Is Murder (Jennie Cain Mystery) G 2.00 (slant/creases)
Pickard, Nancy The Blue Corn Murders (Eugenia Porter) VG+ 3.00
Pickard, Nancy The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders (Eugenia Porter) VG-/G+ 2.50
Pickard, Nancy No Body (Jenny Cain) F 3.00
Rendell, Ruth Death Notes VG- 1.50 (slight slant)
Rendell, Ruth The Fallen Curtain (stories) (trade size/extra postage) F 5.50
Rendell, Ruth Going Wrong VG 3.00
Rendell, Ruth To Fear A Painted Devil VG 3.00
Roberts, Gillian With Friends Like These F 3.00
Robb, Candace The Apothecary Rose G+ 3.00
Robb, J. D. Immortal In Death (Eve Dallas) G 3.00 (slant/lt creases)
Ross, Kate A Broken Vessel (Julian Kestrel) VG- 3.50
Sayers, Dorothy & Eustace Robt The Documents in the Case VG- 1.50
Simonson, Sheila Larkspur VG- 2.00
Simonson, Sheila Malarkey (Lark Dodge) VG-/G+ 2.50
Smith, Julie Death Turns A Trick (Rebecca Schwartz) F- 2.50
Stabenow, Dana A Cold Day For Murder (Kate Shugak Myst) G+ 3.00 (slant)
Truman, Margaret Murder On Embassy Row F 2.50
Updike, John A Month of Sundays F 2.00
Weir, Charlene The Winter Widow F- 2.30 (date stamp bottom)
Wentworth, Patricia Pilgrim's Rest (Miss Silver) G 2.00
Wentworth, Patricia Pilgrim's Rest (Miss Silver) G 2.00
Wentworth, Patricia The Benevent Treasure (Miss Silver) G+ 3.00
Wentworth, Patricia The Gazebo G+ 3.00
Wilhelm, Kate Death Qualified G 2.50
Zimmerman, Reit, Brenner (eds) The Bank Street Book of Mystery (1st trade) VG+ 6.00 (graphics)

Anthologies & Other
Manson & Scarborough, (eds) Senior Sleuths F- 3.00
Weber, Ken Five-Minute Mysteries (thin trade sized) F- 4.00
Weber, Ken More Five-Minute Mysteries (thin trade sized) F- 4.00

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