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Romance - Single Title
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Condition codes: F=Fine; VG=Very Good; G=Good (explanations on home page)

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Anderson, Catherine Simply Love VG 3.00
Barnett, Jill Wonderful VG 3.00
Becnel, Rexanne The Bride of Rosecliffe F 3.50
Becnel, Rexanne The Mistress of Rosecliffe F 3.50
Becnel, Rexanne The Knight of Rosecliffe F- 3.25
Blayne, Sara Enticed VG- 2.50 (light creases)
Britton, Pamela Enchanted By Your Kisses G+ 3.00 (creases)
Brockway, Connie The Bridal Season VG- 3.50 (store stamp)
Brown, Sandra Another Dawn VG- 3.00 (light creases)
Cameron, Stella True Bliss VG 3.00
Cameron, Stella Breathless F- 3.00
Canham, Marsha Through A Dark Mist VG- 3.00 (creases)
Canham, Marsha In The Shadow of Midnight F- 3.00
Cates, Kimberly The Raider Daughter VG- 2.75
Cates, Kimberly Magic F 3.50
Cates, Kimberly Angels Fall F- 3.00
Cates, Kimberly Morning Song F 3.00
Cates, Kimberly Gather the Stars F 3.00
Coffman, Virginia The Cliffs of Dread F- 2.50
Coughlin, Patricia Merely Married (Regency era) F- 3.00
Coulter, Catherine Calypso Magic F 2.50
Coulter, Catherine Midsummer Magic F- 2.50
Coulter, Catherine Moonspun Magic VG 2.50
Coulter, Catherine Wild Star F- 2.50
Crosby, Tanya Anne On Bended Knee F- 3.00
Deveraux, Jude The Black Lyon F 3.00
Dodd, Christina Once A Knight VG- 3.00 (light creases)
Dodd, Christina Rules of Engagement G+ 3.50 (slant)
Drake, Shannon Ondine F 3.50
Elliot, Elizabeth The Warlord VG- 3.00 (light creases)
Gaffney, Patricia Sweet Everlasting VG- 2.50
Garlock, Dorothy Annie Lash VG- 3.00
Garlock, Dorothy Restless Wind G 2.50 (slant/creases)
Garlock, Dorothy River of Tomorrow VG- 2.50
Garlock, Dorothy More Than Memory F 3.50
Garwood, Julie Guardian Angel G 2.50 (stamps/creases)
Garwood, Julie Honor's Splendour (1st Edition) VG- 5.00 (some edgewear)
Garwood, Julie The Gift VG+ 3.00
Garwood, Julie The Lion's Lady VG- 3.00 (light stamp)
Garwood, Julie Saving Grace VG- 3.00
Gellis, Roberta Sybelle G 2.00
Gellis, Roberta Winter Song (Royal Dynasty #2) G- 2.00 (slant/creases)
Gilgannon, Mary Leopard's Lady VG- 2.50 (some edgewear)
Golon, Sergeanne Angelique in Love VG- 2.50 (stamps)
Golon, Sergeanne Angelique in Love G 1.00
Gregory, Jill Forever After G 1.50 (slant/creases)
Harrington, Alexis Allie's Moon G+ 2.75 (slant/light creases)
Heyer, Georgette Royal Excape G- 1.00 (exlib; Big X on cover)
Hill, Sandra The Tarnished Lady VG- 3.00 (slant/creases)
Hill, Sandra The Bewitched Viking F- 3.00
Hodge, Jane Aiken Shadow of a Lady G+ 1.00 (one lib stamp)
Hodge, Jane Aiken Greek Wedding VG 2.00
Hunter, Madeline By Possession VG- 2.50 (small tape/spine)
Hunter, Madeline By Design F 3.00
Johansen, Iris The Magnificent Rogue F- 3.00 (light creases/shelfwear)
Johnston, Joan Kid Calhoun F 3.00
Jonas, Paula (Mansfield) To Spite the Devil (Rev War) G+ 3.00
Johnston, Joan Frontier Woman (Sisters of the Lone Star) G 1.75 (creases)
Jordan, Nicole The Heart Breaker G+ 3.00
Kane, Andrea The Last Duke G 2.50 (creases/stamps)
Kidder, Jane Passion's Bargain G+ 2.50 (light creases)
Kidder, Jane Passion's Song F+ 2.50
Kidder, Jane Mail Order Temptress G 2.00 (slant/creases)
King, Susan Laird of the Wind VG 3.00
Kinsale, Laura Uncertain Magic G 2.00
Kleypas, Lisa Prince of Dreams G+ 3.00 (light creases/slant)
Krahn, Bettina The Last Bachelor VG- 3.00 (light creases/date stamps)
Kurland, Lynn The More I See You F 3.50
Lee, Linda Francis The Wallflower G 3.00 (edgewear/curling)
Lee, Linda Francis Wild Hearts G 3.00
Marshall, Catherine Julie (Americana/Depression) F 3.50
Martin, Deborah Creole Nights VG 3.00 (light creases)
MacGregor, Kinley Master of Seduction VG- 3.00 (creases)
McKinney, Meagan The Ground She Walks Upon G 3.00 (spine creases)
McNaught, Judith Once and Always (original cover) VG- 2.50
Medeiros, Teresa Thief of Hearts VG- 3.00 (page folds)
Medeiros, Teresa A Whisper of Roses VG 3.00
Mittman, Stephanie A Heart Full of Miracles G+ 3.00 (light creases)
Morsi, Pamela Heaven Sent F 3.00
Morsi, Pamela Wild Oats F 3.00
Morsi, Pamela Runabout F 3.00
Needham, Linda The Maiden Bride VG- 3.00 (light creases)
Osborne, Maggie The Seduction of Samantha Kincade VG 3.30
Osborne, Maggie The Promise of Jennie Jones VG- 3.25
Osborne, Maggie The Wives of Bowie Stone F- 3.00
Paisley, Rebecca Rainbows and Rapture G 2.50 (slant/edgewear)
Porter, Margaret Evans The Proposal VG 3.00
Potter, Patricia Island of Dreams (WWII) G+ 2.75 creases
Power, Jo-Ann The Nightingale's Song VG 3.00
Putney, Mary Jo Dancing in the Wind F- 3.00
Putney, Mary Jo Uncommon Vows G+ 3.50 (creases)
Putney, Mary Jo Uncommon Vows G 3.00 (stamps/creases)
Putney, Mary Jo Uncommon Vows G 3.00 (slant/creases)
Ranney, Karen Tapestry F 3.00
Robards, Karen Forbidden Love VG- 2.50 (light creases)
Robards, Karen Wild Orchids G+ 2.50 (slant)
Robards, Karen Dark of the Moon G+ 3.00 (light creases_
Robards, Karen Sea Fire F 2.00
Robards, Karen Nobody's Angel G 2.50
Rose, Katie Courting Trouble F 3.00
Ryan, Patricia Heaven's Fire VG 3.00
Samuel, Barbara (Ruth Wind) Dancing Moon VG- 2.50 creases
Samuel, Barbara (Ruth Wind) Night of Fire F- 3.00 light creases
Sands, Lindsey Bliss VG- 3.00 (light creases)
Smith, Barbara Dawson Fire on the Wind G 2.50
Smith, Barbara Dawson Fire at Midnight G 2.50
Stuart, Anne Prince of Magic VG+ 3.00
Sutcliffe, Katherine Miracle VG 3.00 (light creases)
Thacker, Shelly Forever His VG- 2.50
Wilhelm, Terry Lynn Fool of Hearts VG- 2.50 medium creases
Williamson, Penelope Keeper of the Dream G+ 3.00 (creases)
Wimberly, Clara Gentle Hearts (Amish/Civil War) F 3.00


Berg, Patti Enchanted G 2.50
Bevarly, Elizabeth How To Trap A Tycoon VG+ 3.00
Boswell, Barbara The Hoodwinked Bride (Fortune's Ch) VG+ 3.00
Brockmann, Suzanne Over The Edge VG 3.50
Brown, Sandra Sweet Anger New 4.00 1999 reprint
Carr, Robyn The Wedding Party VG- 2.50 (light creases/isolated spill stains) Curtis, Tom and Sharon Sunshine and Shadow G 2.50 (exlib)
Eagle, Kathleen Reason To Believe VG 3.00 (light creases)
Eagle, Kathleen The Last True Cowboy VG 3.50
Freethy, Barbara Ask Mariah G+ 3.00 (crease/fold)
Freethy, Barbara Daniel's Gift VG- 3.00
Gray, Ginna No Truer Love VG- 2.50
Grayson, Kristine Thoroughly Kissed VG 3.25
Hannah, Kristin Home Again VG- 3.00
Hill, Grace Livingston Where Two Ways Met VG 2.50 corner smudge
Hill, Sandra Love Me Tender F 3.50
Hohl, Joan Compromises G+ 2.50
Hohl, Joan Never Say Never VG- 3.00
Hohl, Joan Maybe Tomorrow VG 3.00
Howard, Linda The Touch of Fire F 3.00
Howard, Linda Shades of Twilight VG 3.00
Howard, Linda Dream Man VG 3.00
Jones, Jill Emily's Secret F 3.00
Jordan, Penny Law of Attraction (Collector's Ed) F 2.50
Jordan, Penny Stranger from the Past (Collect Ed) F 2.50
Jordan, Penny A Reason For Marriage (Collect Ed) F 2.50
Krentz, Jayne Ann Midnight Jewels F- 3.50
Krentz, Jayne Ann Ghost of a Chance (Mira) VG- 3.00 light creases
Krentz, Jayne Ann Between the Lines (1993 reprint) G+ 2.50 reader's crease
Kyle, Susan (Palmer) After Midnight G+ 3.00 light creases
Kyle, Susan (Palmer) All That Glitters G 2.50 (creases/slant)
Lee, Elsie The Spy at the Villa Miranda G+ 3.00 (slant/creases)
Macomber, Debbie Someday Soon G+ 2.50
Macomber, Debbie Morning Comes Softly VG- 3.00
Macomber, Debbie Three Brides, No Groom VG 3.50
Martin, Michelle Stolen Moments G+ 3.00 slant/light creas
Matlock, Curtiss Ann Lost Highways 3.00 VG-
McCall, Dinah Jackson Rule G 2.00 creases/smudge
McCall, Dinah Tallchief G+ 2.75 (shelfwear)
McKenna, Lindsay Heart of the Jaguar (Morgan's Merc) VG 3.00
Michaels, Fern Nightstar (1993 reprint) VG 2.50 light creases
Palmer, Diana Paper Rose G+ 2.75
Pappano, Marilyn Season for Miracles (1st Bethlehem) G+ 3.00
Rice, Luanne Follow The Stars Home VG- 3.50
Robards, Karen Maggy's Child F- 3.00 (isolated edgewr)
Robards, Karen Maggy's Child VG+ 3.00
Roberts, Nora Genuine Lies F 3.75
Rush, Mallory Love Game VG- 2.50
Rush, Mallory Love Play VG- 3.00 light creases
Smith, Deborah When Venus Fell VG+ 3.50 light creases
Smith, Deborah Silk and Stone G+ 3.00 (light creases)
Stuart, Anne Night Fall G+ 3.00 (creases)
Wilhelm, Terri Lynn Shadow Prince VG- 1.50
Wolff, Isabel The Trials of Tiffany Trott F- 3.50


Campbell, Marilyn Pyramid of Dreams VG+ 3.00
Castle, Jayne Amaryllis F 3.25
Deveraux, Jude Wishes G 2.50 (creases/fold)
Deveraux, Jude A Knight in Shining Armor VG- 3.00
Edghill, Rosemary Met By Moonlight VG- 3.00 (store stamp)
Fetzger, Amy J. Timeswept Rogue VG 3.00
Hannah, Kristin Once In Every Life F 3.00
Kearsley, Susanna The Shadowy Horses (gen fiction) G+ 4.00
Krentz, Jayne Ann Crystal Flame G+ 3.00 bluing on spine
Macomber, Debbie A Season of Angels G+ 2.50 stamp/lt creases
Macomber, Debbie The Trouble With Angels G+ 2.75 stamp/lt creases
Macomber, Debbie The Trouble With Angels VG- 3.00
Simpson, Patricia The Night Orchid F 3.00
Skye, Christina Christmas Knight (Draycott) VG 3.00 (light creases)
Taylor, Janelle Stardust and Shadows VG 3.00 (pair of spine creases)


Anderson/Chase/Kleypas/Woodw Three Weddings And A Kiss G+ 2.50
Barnett/Macomber/Wiggs That Summer Place VG 3.50
Barnett/Deveraux/Dawson/Binder/Cabot A Season in the Highlands VG- 4.00
Bowell/Greene/Merritt Gifts of Fortune (Fortunes of Texas) VG- 3.50 light creases
Dodd/Laurens/Quinn/Ranney Scottish Brides G+ 3.00
Drake/Paisley/French/Orwig Under The Mistletoe G+ 2.50
Howard/Miller/Pozzessere Always & Forever G+ 3.00 smudges
Howard/Carr/Reavis To Mother With Love VG- 3.00
Rimmer/Greene/St. John Montana Mavericks Big Sky Brides VG
Robb/Hamilton/Krinard/Shayne Out of this World F- 4.00
Rolofson/MacAllister/Diamond Tyler Brides VG+ 3.50

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